AMS Studios Is Passionate About Stomping Out Child Abuse

AMS Studios Is Passionate About Stomping Out Child Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, which hits close to home for us because a member of the AMS family has been directly impacted by child abuse and it’s lifelong effects. Our manager Pamela’s son Max is a shaken baby syndrome survivor.
This April we are starting a tradition of partnering with Butterfly Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center to fundraise and spread awareness. We will be donating 15% of all proceeds from the sale of gift certificates this month, giving our clients a chance to become a part of this tradition with us. We will be donating to Butterfly Bridge in Max’s name.
In this vlog, Pamela shares a little bit about Max and their story, how they were affected by child abuse, and how an organization like Butterfly Bridge helped them, and Jen emphasizes how important it is to know that resources like this are available right here in Prattville, Alabama.
True pioneers of professional body sugaring – Sugar Waxing At AMS Studios

True pioneers of professional body sugaring – Sugar Waxing At AMS Studios

Sugaring (sugar waxing) is an ancient technique with origins in Egypt and ancient Greece.  It is booming in popularity in Europe and has steadily grown more and more popular here at home in the States.  Sugar can be applied by hand or using strips.

Sugaring is like waxing but is unique in that it removes the hair from the root almost 100% of the time. The ingredients in the sugar paste are so gentle, and the way that it is applied is so effective, that it rarely irritates the skin and is great for sensitive or allergy-prone skin types. 

It is universally effective for all hair types and colors and you can use it on any part of your body and face. Sugar paste will not pull or irritate the skin; it will only pull on hair and will exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells.

With continuous use, sugaring reduces hair growth each time. The hair gradually grows back thinner and finer. How long you will stay hair-free depends on several factors, but you will see a much sparser re-growth already after the very first sugaring treatment. The average time between treatments is 4-6 weeks.



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Lashes After Care

Lashes After Care

  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours. The extensions need that amount of time to properly bond.
  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With proper application you will not need them.
  • ONLY use oil-free makeup remover. We carry a very affordable one in our spa which is made specifically for lash extensions.
  • After 24 hours if your eyelashes are tangled or crossed over, use the mascara brush we provide you during your appointment to gently brush them straight and put them in place. 
  • Proper hygiene is very important. Please keep lashes clean by regular washing. We carry a special foaming lash eyelash cleaner that will gently clean and bath your lashes.  We highly recommend you clean your lashes every other day.  Doing so will extend the life of your lash.
  • Use only mascaras that are safe for eyelash extensions, no oil-based or waterproof mascaras. We have an extension safe mascara that goes on like butter and easily washes out with our specialty cleanser.
  • After showering avoid rubbing lashes, it best to blot them with a towel, gently comb through them with the spoolie and let them air dry.
  • You can also dry the lashes by using a hair dryer on the cool setting and blowing them dry from the bottom up. It makes them curlier and fluffy.
  • Use care when applying facial and eye creams to avoid the lash line. Too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive.

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Look and Feel Light Years Younger with Our New Light Therapy Device

Look and Feel Light Years Younger with Our New Light Therapy Device

Light therapy is used to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue. It is the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that “LED is an effctive therapeutic modality to promote the healing of skin wounds.” Our newest device, Celluma, is the most innovative light therapy device on the market and is FDA approved for 9 indications for your including 3 on the aesthetics side and 6 on the pain management side.
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Celluma light therapy is ideal for use following laser, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and injections. It also treats acne safely and effectively without abrasive chemicals, harmful UV rays or side effects.                                                    

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Four Layer Facials Now at AMS

Four Layer Facials Now at AMS

Four Layer Facials Now at AMS

The Four Layer Facial launched in 1980 and was the first facial to pioneer the first uni-does professional treatment mask for estheticians with a variety of experiences offering the same results every time. This premier anti-aging facial treatment is formulated with European and American seaweed which is proven to have extraordinary benefits including:

  • cell rejuvenation
  • amino acids
  • minerals and trace elements
  • instant results

The Four Layer Facial is for men, women, and all skin types with skin benefits that include anti-aging, firms the appearance of facial contours, softens and smooths, rebalance epidermal function, hydrates, purifies and cleanses. 

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Layer 1: C Serum Seaweed Filtrate

  • Softens lines, adds moisture. and helps rebalance and tone skin tissue

Layer 2: Creamy Hydrating Seaweed Facial Cream

  • applied using a three-movement facial massage

Layer 3: Fresh Seaweed Mask

  • hydrates while improving skin tone and clarity

Layer 4: Mineral Mask

  • creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask beneath it.

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Non-Invasive Weight Loss Ultrasonic Cavitation

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Ultrasonic Cavitation

Have you ever wondered if there was a quick, simple, non-invasive way to lose weight?!

Guess what, there is!! New at AMS and just in time for the New Year is our Ultrasonic Caviation machine. So what is Ultrasonic Cavitation, you may be wondering? 

Ultrasonic Caviation is a non-invasive weight loss service that uses low frequency sound waves and/or light suction to melt fat and inches right off! This magical machine heats and vibrates fat cells below the skin’s surface.

So what results can you expect to see from Ultrasonic Cavitation? Results can vary from patient to patient but you can expect: 

  • Tightened skin and reduced cellulite
  • Reduced circumference in the treated area(s)
  • An overall contoured appearance

Just as results vary from patient to patient so does treatment time. For best results we recommend between 8 and 12 treatments, although some patients see results after only 1 treatment. Treatment factors vary with age, weight, and the area being treated. Each session is 30 minutes, which targets one specific area of your choice, and since there is no downtime with Ultrasonic Cavitation you can expect to resume normal activities as soon as your treatment is complete. 

Treatment areas include: Stomach, Back, Legs, Arms, and Face.






Facial For Sensitive Skin

Facial For Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Seems like anything will give your skin a tingling, redness appearance without warning! Sometimes it can be a hot shower, alcohol, cosmetic and beauty products, stress, or even pollution. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our skin becomes more and more exposed to free radicals and air pollution, and in turn, developing hypersensitive skin or rosacea. These skin conditions can be characterized by the following: flushing (redness of the cheeks), dilated blood vessels, burning/stinging sensation, feeling of tightness, or dry in appearance.
We are excited to announce a luxury facial option for anyone skeptical about products used on their skin during a facial service. AMS announces Repêchage Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial with Seaweed Extracts and Micro Silver!
This amazing facial contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, several seaweed extracts, aloe, and silver.
Repêchage harvests it’s seaweed off the coast of France, and is processed in the United States. Seaweed is one of the richest sources of potent antioxidants. The extracts from the seaweed are beneficial for hydration, soothing, and proteins. They are made up of 12 vitamins, 42 minerals and trace elements, and 18 amino acids to give your skin a hydrated, restored, and radiant result!
Micro Silver has become a revolutionary new ingredient made from pure, micronized silver. This releases pure soluble silver ions on the skin’s surface to form an invisible layer. This layer of protection keeps away unwanted bacteria and other micro organisms. It also reduces redness by 60%, while killing bacteria used as a food source for skin irritating microbes.
The Repêchage Red-Out Facial produces real and immediate help to people with sensitive skin. There are many benefits from this facial including reduced redness caused by environmental stress, calm appearance, cool and refreshed feel on the face and neck, smooth and refined skin texture, and a beautiful radiant glow.
Repêchage - AMS Studios Blog
If you’ve never had a facial, or have wondered what all a facial intel’s, I will inform you of several steps that will take place during the facial process. It’s by far the most, enjoyable, relaxing, self-care experience you’re most likely to have. During a facial you will feel precise and deliberate fluid motions on your face, neck, and chest areas. Each consistent motion will perform a method of treatments in these steps listed below:
  1. Cleanser- works to soothe and nourish the skin while cleansing and removing makeup, dirt, and oil.
  2. Tonic- a light mist of Mirabilis Jalapa flower extract will absorb into the skin to help reduce redness and hydrate dry skin.
  3. Serum- provides the micro silver while moisturizing with seaweed extracts and bioflavonoids during a relaxing facial massage.
  4. Facial Mask- contains Phyto-Marine extracts that give the skin a more even tone and texture, and feel softer and smoother.
  5. Eye Rescue Pads- these cool, moisturized eye pads will breathe life back into your eye area with seaweed, cucumber and tea extract blend.
  6. Upper body Massage- while the mask and eye pads do their magic, you will be able to relax with an upper body massage containing your neck and shoulders, and finished with a hand and arm massage.
  7. Mask removal and another spritz of tonic for extra hydration and coolness.
  8. Moisturizing Day cream- will nourish and hydrate the skin, and help reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It will leave your skin feeling supple and looking luminous.
After all these steps are performed, you will feel like you’ve melted right into the facial bed! Your face will be renewed with visible hydration and smooth appearance! It’s the beginning to a new self-care routine! Facials are suggested monthly for ultimate results for any skin type, whether it’s sensitive, oily, or acne prone. Facials can also be done as a luxury splurge on oneself for a birthday celebration or even as a stress reliever after a long day at work. Whatever the circumstance, I urge you to try a facial, or even gift it to a loved one (even men, yes men can enjoy facials too)! They can be customized, and very versatile with each service. Call and book your next spa service as a Red-Out Facial for Sensitive Skin!                                                      

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Lira Ice Line For Acne

Lira Ice Line For Acne

From teenage acne to adult acne our Lira Clinical ICE line is perfect for you. Once you’ve added the ICE Sal Cleanser to your daily skincare routine you will begin to see dramatic results within two weeks. After adding the cleanser we highly recommend adding the Clarifying Scrub, ICE Refining Mask, and the Clarifying treatment one at a time, as your budget allows for maximum results. 

ICE Clarifying Scrub: Foaming scrub restricting bacteria growth and brightening skin. Use as a daily cleanser or a 2-3 time weekly scrub. 

  • Soothes skin while reducing redness
  • Heals lesions and prevents future breakouts
  • Brightens skin and refines pore appearance
  • Potent anti-bacterial benefits


ICE Refining Mask: Charcoal clay mask. Calming and soothing environmentally stressed, oily/acne skin. Use 2-3 times weekly.

  • Detoxifies with charcoal renewing skin
  • Refines pores while brightening skin
  • Leaves skin silky smooth balancing natural hydration
  • Can be used as an overnight spot treatment. 


ICE Clarifying Treatment: Daily facial or spot treatment reducing acne lesions and breakouts. Use up to two times daily after cleansing.

  • 5% Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Decreases breakouts and inflammation
  • Protects against bacterial buildup
  • Reduces redness while strengthening skin
New Repechage Peels Now At AMS Studios

New Repechage Peels Now At AMS Studios

Here at AMS Studios we are all about giving our clients the best of the best. We introduced the Repechage Four Layer Facial to our skincare line last year, and we are so excited to now be offering special Repechage peels as an add-on service to most of our relaxing facials. The Repechage BioLight Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel and the Repechage Via Cura Enzymatic Micropeel will be the skincare upgrade you need. 

The BioLight Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel is your ticket to smoother, birghter and more luminous skin. This 15 minute treatment will help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation caused from hormonal changes, post-acne scarring, certain prescription medications, and sun exposure. 

Repechage Vita Cura Enzymatic Micropeel is a 5-7 minute treatment that gently removes accumulated grime, makeup and flaky skin revealing a more visibly even toned and smooth complexion. Based on papain, this enzyme is derived from the latex of the green papaya fruit. The pure papaya enzyme provides a mild, vegetable-based exfoliation. 

You can now add either of these luxurious peels to your next facial for only $15.