Cupid’s Combo Valentine’s Special: The Perfect Gift for Your True Love!

Cupid’s Combo Valentine’s Special: The Perfect Gift for Your True Love!

Sure, flowers and candy are the traditional Valentine. But this year, we encourage you to think outside of the box… and the vase.

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Roses are red, chocolates will do, but why give the same gifts all the other guys do? Sure, flowers and candy are the traditional Valentine. But this year, we encourage you to think outside of the box… and the vase… and give her sometime that really warms her heart.

Cupid has been working overtime to create this lit ultimate massage/facial combo package for your true love that we’re calling the Cupid’s Combo Valentine’s Special. This sweet deal includes a 1-hour massage with hot stones on the back, aromatherapy, sugar scrub and reflexology. The massage is followed by a one-hour luxury facial with high-end jelly mask, oxygen infusion therapy, dermaplaning and a light enzyme peel.

Cupid is throwing in all the upgrades for this package and all for only $180. That’s a savings of $130! Save money and treat your sweetheart to a day of pampering and relaxation? YES! How can you pass up a deal like that?

But if you’d like to select your own gift for your Valentine, that’s alright with us too. Just tell us what service you’d like to give her. Or if you are not sure what she’d like, you can tell us the amount you’d like to spend and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll send you out the door with a gift every girl LOVES-an AMS Studios Gift Certificate! Let her choose from our extensive menu of services and products. We promise that either way you decide to go, it will be a Happy Valentine’s Day for both of you!


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The Vampire Facial: Not Just for Hollywood

The Vampire Facial: Not Just for Hollywood

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Who Should Get One

There has been a lot of hype about vampire facials lately. So-called “extreme” facials have become increasingly popular recently. They bring a lot of attention to thirsty celebrities trying to rack up the likes on social media. But honestly, the vampire facial is incredibly beneficial. It helps minimize the appearance of specific signs of aging. This treatment helps repair the skin, smoothing wrinkles, reducing dark spots and improving texture.  You’ve probably heard about Kim Kardashian getting one and thought, WTF? But hear us out.

What It IS:

A Vampire Facial combines microneedling (also known as collagen-induction therapy) with topical application of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood. Also known as a PRP facial, this skin rejuvenation treatment creates an overall improvement in skin texture and tone. It can also reduce scars, correct hyperpigmentation, tighten lax skin, smooth fine lines and minimize the appearance of large pores.

What It DOES:

A Vampire facial works in two ways. First, microneedling creates tiny fissures in your skin, triggering a wound-healing response that stimulates your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. Then, to further boost skin cell regeneration, the growth-factor-packed PRP penetrates the skin through the microchannels created via microneedling.

The PRP from your blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets that contribute to essential growth functions and healing. The growth factors in PRP contribute to cell proliferation and differentiation. The PRP amplifies collagen production, increases cell turnover, and spurs growth of new blood vessels, resulting in longer-term rejuvenating effects.

You will see increased radiance within days of your treatment, and benefits increase over four to six weeks as the production of new collagen increases.

Studies show that microneedling and enhanced PRP treatments like the Vampire Facial can improve everything from sun damage to acne scars.


  • The treatment is fast (typically taking less than an hour) and requires little downtime.
  • The Vampire Facial maintains a high praise from those who receive it, with many praising their results especially after multiple treatment sessions.
  • It’s suitable for all skin tones and types. Still, to minimize the risk of hyperpigmentation, providers may more shallowly microneedle and/or pretreat patients who have olive or brown skin tones.
  • There’s little chance of an allergic reaction, since PRP comes from your own blood. In a review of several studies on PRP for skin rejuvenation, no adverse events were reported.


  • Even with numbing cream, the treatment can be mildly painful.
  • Several monthly treatments are recommended, to see full benefits, followed by maintenance sessions every six months.
  • You’ll have some restrictions on exercise and other activities for a few days following your treatment.

Are you ready to look younger? Schedule a skin consultation with one of our estheticians to see if the Vampire Facial can turn back the clock for you.


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Teenage Facial Could Be Life-Changing for Kids with Acne

Teenage Facial Could Be Life-Changing for Kids with Acne

Girl with acne

Teenage Facial W/Educational Info and Products

Being a teen is hard enough without the drama of terrible acne breakouts. School, sports, stress are all enough to induce acne or make it worse. And let’s face it, teens don’t always develop the best habits for things like taking care of their skin. Help make your child’s life a little easier by signing them up for our teenage facial with educational info and specifically formulated products that target the root causes of problem skin. This offer includes a deep cleaning hydrafacial and a tutorial on how to care for their changing skincare needs. We want to teach your teen the importance of daily skincare to not only ensure a clearer complexion but to also avoid the severe scarring that can occur with acne.

For only $250, we supply a skincare regimen of full-size products from Mindful Minerals that are organic as well as gentle in nature. Through the daily process of caring for his or her skin, your teen will see results and realize what happens when they keep it up the routine. Your teen will also receive a skin spatula that deep cleans pores, gently exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin. This high-tech gadget uses ultrasonic waves to remove dirt and debris as it massages and stimulates the skin to heal.  In addition, we give each teen a high-frequency wand as part of their take-home skincare kit. This wand, also called a Tesla wand, kills the harmful bacteria found on the skin that can cause acne. As your teen learns to be an active participant in their daily skincare routine, they will see the changes and learn to love and care for the skin they are in.

Why choose AMS Studios? We are the River Region’s Premiere Med Spa offering expertise on healthy beautiful skin for all skin types and ages.

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ultrasonic skin spatula

AMS Studios is Tickled Pink to Welcome You to the Expo!

AMS Studios is Tickled Pink to Welcome You to the Expo!

Women Shopping

Please join us for the Tickled Pink Expo this Saturday, September 24th from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Multiplex at Crampton Bowl. This event focuses on women’s health and wellness, which as most of you know is very near and dear to us here at AMS Studios. Our mission is to ensure that our clients take seriously both their wellness and their skincare needs. We offer a wide variety of esthetic services and products to help you on your journey to a beautiful complexion and a healthy body.

FREE skincare consultations offered at Tickled Pink will analyze your skin and present next steps for a glow-up, whether that be a hydra facial or chemical peel or perhaps just the gentle reminder to drink more water. Our estheticians will also recommend specific medical-grade products for your personalized skincare regimen. Most of those products will be available at the Expo or can be purchased later in our Prattville location.  

Our advanced face-tightening technique called Forma will be demonstrated on a few lucky Tickled Pink goers. For those of you not in the know yet, Forma is called the non-surgical facelift, offering the results of plastic surgery with none of the pain or downtime of a traditional procedure. Who needs the Fountain of Youth when you can have Forma!

A few of our amazing lash artists will be demonstrating how lash extensions are applied. AMS Studios will give away vouchers for a $99 Tickled Pink Lash Special throughout the day just for those friends who come by the booth. If you’ve ever thought about getting lash extensions, you should take advantage of this amazing deal!

Lots of freebies and prizes are on the table for those who visit the expo Saturday. Swag bags are available on a first come, first serve basis. But don’t just show up for the swag! We will be giving away some big “goodies” too that will have you TICKLED PINK! Can’t wait to see you all!

Four Layer Facials Now at AMS

Four Layer Facials Now at AMS

Four Layer Facials Now at AMS

The Four Layer Facial launched in 1980 and was the first facial to pioneer the first uni-does professional treatment mask for estheticians with a variety of experiences offering the same results every time. This premier anti-aging facial treatment is formulated with European and American seaweed which is proven to have extraordinary benefits including:

  • cell rejuvenation
  • amino acids
  • minerals and trace elements
  • instant results

The Four Layer Facial is for men, women, and all skin types with skin benefits that include anti-aging, firms the appearance of facial contours, softens and smooths, rebalance epidermal function, hydrates, purifies and cleanses. 

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Layer 1: C Serum Seaweed Filtrate

  • Softens lines, adds moisture. and helps rebalance and tone skin tissue

Layer 2: Creamy Hydrating Seaweed Facial Cream

  • applied using a three-movement facial massage

Layer 3: Fresh Seaweed Mask

  • hydrates while improving skin tone and clarity

Layer 4: Mineral Mask

  • creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask beneath it.

For more information or to book a Four Layer Facial with one of our licensed esthetician’s call 334-730-1268


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Facial For Sensitive Skin

Facial For Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Seems like anything will give your skin a tingling, redness appearance without warning! Sometimes it can be a hot shower, alcohol, cosmetic and beauty products, stress, or even pollution. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our skin becomes more and more exposed to free radicals and air pollution, and in turn, developing hypersensitive skin or rosacea. These skin conditions can be characterized by the following: flushing (redness of the cheeks), dilated blood vessels, burning/stinging sensation, feeling of tightness, or dry in appearance.
We are excited to announce a luxury facial option for anyone skeptical about products used on their skin during a facial service. AMS announces Repêchage Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial with Seaweed Extracts and Micro Silver!
This amazing facial contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, several seaweed extracts, aloe, and silver.
Repêchage harvests it’s seaweed off the coast of France, and is processed in the United States. Seaweed is one of the richest sources of potent antioxidants. The extracts from the seaweed are beneficial for hydration, soothing, and proteins. They are made up of 12 vitamins, 42 minerals and trace elements, and 18 amino acids to give your skin a hydrated, restored, and radiant result!
Micro Silver has become a revolutionary new ingredient made from pure, micronized silver. This releases pure soluble silver ions on the skin’s surface to form an invisible layer. This layer of protection keeps away unwanted bacteria and other micro organisms. It also reduces redness by 60%, while killing bacteria used as a food source for skin irritating microbes.
The Repêchage Red-Out Facial produces real and immediate help to people with sensitive skin. There are many benefits from this facial including reduced redness caused by environmental stress, calm appearance, cool and refreshed feel on the face and neck, smooth and refined skin texture, and a beautiful radiant glow.
Repêchage - AMS Studios Blog
If you’ve never had a facial, or have wondered what all a facial intel’s, I will inform you of several steps that will take place during the facial process. It’s by far the most, enjoyable, relaxing, self-care experience you’re most likely to have. During a facial you will feel precise and deliberate fluid motions on your face, neck, and chest areas. Each consistent motion will perform a method of treatments in these steps listed below:
  1. Cleanser- works to soothe and nourish the skin while cleansing and removing makeup, dirt, and oil.
  2. Tonic- a light mist of Mirabilis Jalapa flower extract will absorb into the skin to help reduce redness and hydrate dry skin.
  3. Serum- provides the micro silver while moisturizing with seaweed extracts and bioflavonoids during a relaxing facial massage.
  4. Facial Mask- contains Phyto-Marine extracts that give the skin a more even tone and texture, and feel softer and smoother.
  5. Eye Rescue Pads- these cool, moisturized eye pads will breathe life back into your eye area with seaweed, cucumber and tea extract blend.
  6. Upper body Massage- while the mask and eye pads do their magic, you will be able to relax with an upper body massage containing your neck and shoulders, and finished with a hand and arm massage.
  7. Mask removal and another spritz of tonic for extra hydration and coolness.
  8. Moisturizing Day cream- will nourish and hydrate the skin, and help reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It will leave your skin feeling supple and looking luminous.
After all these steps are performed, you will feel like you’ve melted right into the facial bed! Your face will be renewed with visible hydration and smooth appearance! It’s the beginning to a new self-care routine! Facials are suggested monthly for ultimate results for any skin type, whether it’s sensitive, oily, or acne prone. Facials can also be done as a luxury splurge on oneself for a birthday celebration or even as a stress reliever after a long day at work. Whatever the circumstance, I urge you to try a facial, or even gift it to a loved one (even men, yes men can enjoy facials too)! They can be customized, and very versatile with each service. Call and book your next spa service as a Red-Out Facial for Sensitive Skin!                                                      

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