Eyelash Extensions

We have an amazing team of Professional Lash Artists to serve you at two locations, seven days a week.

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If you get them for a one-time event, your lash extensions will typically last up to eight weeks. Most clients come in for regular fills every three weeks, just like getting your nails done.  AMS uses individually-placed silk mink eyelashes that are placed directly on top of your natural lashes. They are virtually weightless and add a lot of color, volume, and thickness to your lashes.

Safe and Easy to Maintain

We take your lash safety and health seriously, so we make sure that no glue ever touches your skin. Our lash extension services will make you look like you’re wearing perfect mascara all of the time. You won’t have to wear mascara ever again if you maintain your extension, so you won’t have to deal with running or streaking on your face and will always look effortlessly beautiful.



We are very different from most lash providers. We are one of the only licensed providers in the River Region. This makes us able to purchase true medical-grade surgical glue. This is extremely important for the health of your eyes.

  • Full Set – Classic Lashes: $160 
  • Full Set -Volume Lashes: $180 
  • Fills – Classic Lashes: $55
  • Fills – Volume Lashes: $65 

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