Power Peels

Because It Feels Great In Glowing Skin

Power Peels

Peels remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells revealing a fresher, younger-looking face. By gently and precisely exfoliating the surface of your skin over a course of four sessions, our peel treatments whisk away years of dull build-up, revealing brighter, more evenly-toned skin. We combine microdermabrasion with a glycolic or salicylic peel, using combination therapy of physical and chemical exfoliation to improve skin texture.

Power Peels treat superficial lines and wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tones, superficial scars, acne and acne scarring. Because layers of dead skin cells form a protective covering for bacteria to breed, Power Peels can help in reducing the incidence of break-outs.

We do a series of four appropriately timed treatments. This repeated process done three to four weeks apart stimulates and produces new layers of skin cells. This will bring an increased level of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of supple, healthy skin. This procedure is safe for all skin types, including Asian and African American skin.


Power Peels Series of 4 — $200

Chemical Peels (Single Session) — $60

Perfect Derma Peel- $300

Power Peel AMS Studios

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