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 Sugar Waxing Services

Brazilian: $65

Fancy Bikini: $50

Bikini: $40

Legs: Half $65/Full From $95

Underarms: $20

Arms: $35

Lips & Chin: $15

Full Back: From $60

Your Hair and Skin Care Specialists

If you want thinner, finer hair that’s easier to maintain and will take longer to grow back, our sugaring services are perfect for you. Your hair will begin to have smaller and more shallow roots, which will ultimately restrict the blood supply to those follicles and make the entire process almost permanent. With a light, soft outgrowth and no more rough stubble to worry about, you’ll love the way that you look.

Brazilian Sugar Waxing

Safe and Effective Hair Removal Techniques

Sugaring will also exfoliate your skin to make it look more radiant and healthy. This is a wonderful way to brighten up any tattoos and remove dry skin cells. It can even help to reduce ingrown hairs, so you don’t have to worry about razor burn, bumps, or cuts following your skin treatment. The sugar does not stick to any live skin cells and the temperature of the sugar is less than the average body temperature, so it will never burn the skin. Although the first visit is typically the worst as far as discomfort goes, with every treatment after that you should feel about a 50% reduction in discomfort.

Before Sugaring Care

  • Topical Exfoliants – Stop use of Retin A, Retinol, Retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, Enzymes, Fruit Acids, Acids, Peels, 7 days prior to service.
  • Hair Growth – The hair must be at least 1/8th of an inch long or have 1-3 weeks outgrowth to be removed successfully.
  • Scrub – Scrub with an oil free scrub 2-4 times a week. Do not use oils in bath right before the appointment.
  • Freshly Showered – Come to your appointment fresh and clean, clean of ALL oils, creams and lotions. Do not use lotions or oils on the day of your appointment.
  • No Sun Bathing – No sun bathing, tanning booths, or spray tanning, 24 hours prior to appointment. We recommend waiting to spray tan 24 hours after sugaring.
  • Loose Clothes – You may wish to bring a clean set of loose clothes to wear after your service. Tight or sweaty clothes will cause ingrown hairs and breakouts.
  • Getting a Brazilian or have Thick Hair? – You can trim all dense areas down to ¼ of an inch, do not trim too short. If needed we can perform the trimming at the time of your service.

After Sugaring Care

  • Wear loose clean clothing, especially for Brazilians. Friction, sweat or heat will create ingrown hairs, bumps, redness and irritation. Avoid tight clothes, skinny jeans, leggings or stockings.
  • Sugared areas need protection for 24 hours. You may see redness similar to a light sunburn and red speckling where the hair root was removed.
  • It is best to avoid fragrance, scented lotions, heavy essential oils and perfumes for these can cause ingrown hairs if used at any time.
  • Wait at least 6-12 hours to take a shower. If you get sweaty rinse immediately with cool water no soap. After12-24 hours, take a luke warm shower using a cleanser. Avoid hot showers/baths, any soap with fragrance, harsh soap, and scrubs.
  • After your first shower apply moisturizer.
  • Starting 48 hours after hair removal, exfoliate daily to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells which can cause ingrown hairs.
  • Do not leave any exfoliating mittens, scrubbers, or loofas in the shower too long without sanitizing. Wash it in your dishwasher if your washing machine will not get hot enough.
  • Underwear/ Under Garments – spandex or synthetic fabrics cause a reaction on many skins, creating redness, itching, sores or ingrown hairs. Choose organic cotton, bamboo, hemp or other natural choices for undergarments or in high friction areas to avoid side effects.

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