Non-Invasive Weight Loss Ultrasonic Cavitation

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Ultrasonic Cavitation

Have you ever wondered if there was a quick, simple, non-invasive way to lose weight?!

Guess what, there is!! New at AMS and just in time for the New Year is our Ultrasonic Caviation machine. So what is Ultrasonic Cavitation, you may be wondering? 

Ultrasonic Caviation is a non-invasive weight loss service that uses low frequency sound waves and/or light suction to melt fat and inches right off! This magical machine heats and vibrates fat cells below the skin’s surface.

So what results can you expect to see from Ultrasonic Cavitation? Results can vary from patient to patient but you can expect: 

  • Tightened skin and reduced cellulite
  • Reduced circumference in the treated area(s)
  • An overall contoured appearance

Just as results vary from patient to patient so does treatment time. For best results we recommend between 8 and 12 treatments, although some patients see results after only 1 treatment. Treatment factors vary with age, weight, and the area being treated. Each session is 30 minutes, which targets one specific area of your choice, and since there is no downtime with Ultrasonic Cavitation you can expect to resume normal activities as soon as your treatment is complete. 

Treatment areas include: Stomach, Back, Legs, Arms, and Face.