Teenage Facial W/Educational Info and Products

Being a teen is hard enough without the drama of terrible acne breakouts. School, sports, stress are all enough to induce acne or make it worse. And let’s face it, teens don’t always develop the best habits for things like taking care of their skin. Help make your child’s life a little easier by signing them up for our teenage facial with educational info and specifically formulated products that target the root causes of problem skin. This offer includes a deep cleaning hydrafacial and a tutorial on how to care for their changing skincare needs. We want to teach your teen the importance of daily skincare to not only ensure a clearer complexion but to also avoid the severe scarring that can occur with acne.

For only $250, we supply a skincare regimen of full-size products from Mindful Minerals that are organic as well as gentle in nature. Through the daily process of caring for his or her skin, your teen will see results and realize what happens when they keep it up the routine. Your teen will also receive a skin spatula that deep cleans pores, gently exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin. This high-tech gadget uses ultrasonic waves to remove dirt and debris as it massages and stimulates the skin to heal.  In addition, we give each teen a high-frequency wand as part of their take-home skincare kit. This wand, also called a Tesla wand, kills the harmful bacteria found on the skin that can cause acne. As your teen learns to be an active participant in their daily skincare routine, they will see the changes and learn to love and care for the skin they are in.

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