Innovative and Effective Therapy for a Number of Skin Issues

Microneedling rejuvenates and plumps skin with minimal discomfort, very little downtime, and can be adjusted to fit each person’s needs.

Have you heard about microneedling? I know, I know. It sounds hideous. But trust me, you want in on this. So what is microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns by stimulating collagen production. Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment creates tiny punctures in the skin using miniature, sterilized needles. Innovative and effective, microneedling activates your body’s natural cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems. This treatment is used for skin revitalization and can be used in conjunction with other procedures for added benefits.

The process of healing after microneedling can help reduce the appearance of scars or dark spots and improve the elasticity of the skin. It is said to rejuvenate and plump skin with minimal discomfort, very little downtime, and it can be adjusted to fit each person’s needs.

Microneedling creates a pattern of micro channels that significantly increases the production of collagen and elastin to leave the skin smoother, fresher, and more uniform. Micro channels form micro injuries which causes the body to send blood and growth factors to the area resulting in glowing, healthy skin.

Benefits of microneedling can include:

  • reducing the appearance of scars, including acne scars
  • reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • reducing enlarged pores
  • reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, or dark spots
  • smoothing uneven skin tone
  • improving skin elasticity
  • reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • reducing the appearance of scars
  • promoting hair growth in people with alopecia

Since your skin will be sensitive after your procedure, we recommend avoiding sun exposure and sweating immediately following your procedure. You should also refrain from using products containing alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol for about a week. But do stay hydrated and use antioxidant serums and collagen-stimulating peptides for better results.

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