Ultrasound Cavitation &

Colombian Wood Therapy

Ultrasonic cavitation, or ultrasound cavitation, is a cosmetic procedure that’s used to break apart fat deposits in your body. The treatment works as an effective, less invasive alternative to liposuction.

This procedure is a safer alternative to surgical options, like liposuction. The treatment uses ultrasonic radio waves to break apart fat cells, which are then absorbed into your body by your lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic cavitation is different than other similar treatments, like ultrasound liposuction, because it doesn’t require any incisions. This means recovery is easier.

Our treatment protocol includes applying cream and wrap to targeted areas and 30 minutes in a sauna blanket to induce fat burning, followed by a series of ultrasound cavitation, vacuum bi-polar and tri-polar radio frequency for a total of 40-50min  on targeted area. The treatment concludes with Colombian wood therapy to target area.  Expect the total treatment to take about 2 hours.

wood therapy

Colombian wood therapy is a massage technique. You can expect to experience the benefits of a massage, such as relaxation and alleviation of tight muscles.

Wood therapy has gained popularity due to its ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite. When done correctly, massage therapy can support lymphatic drainage, which may reduce cellulite’s appearance.

Massage can also help stretch and elongate skin tissue, which will make the skin appear smoother.

Complimentary consultations are available and can be booked online or by calling our front desk.

For optimal results, a series of treatments is recommended.  This treatment is $250 per session, or discounted to $900 for six treatments with the purchase of the series upfront.

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